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The juxtaposition of the words “protects” and “it”, with a twist. Security thoughts, ideas and methods for both the physical and the cyberspaces.

Hi, I’m Rick, and this is my blog site. If you have an interest in security, and you should, then this site is worth your time. Browse around, you never know, you may find something of interest. Also, I do like questions, suggestions, and critique so don’t be shy. And by the way, do you like the clever name?

TruYouID Authenticator – provides a unique user authentication experience. It’s an App for your Smartphone traveling with you as your authentication companion wherever you go. It’s 4-in-1 architecture bridges you from present day 2FA authentication to the future of more secure U2F and on to FIDO2 authentication where passwords are eliminated altogether. It’s integration with Personal Identifier is unique ensuring you and only you can use it for account access. Authenticators and TruYouID.

ProteqsIt Shield – A security system should provide more than simply the promise of security, indeed it should provide a modicum of actual protection and security providing freedom from potential harm by external forces. “ProteqsIt Shield” is a security system methodology designed to do exactly that. The methodology exists because existing home and small business security systems fail to deliver on their promise of “security”. Breaking that mold is the intent and focus of ProteqsIt Shield.

Personal Identifier – Identification, establishing an unknown person is who they claim to be, sounds simple and it should be. Yet in cyberspace, we’ve spent the past two decades proving it is anything but simple and we have yet to get it right, until now. Personal Identifier is a new approach to solving the problem of identification. Read more about the elegance and simplicity and assured security delivered by use of Personal Identifier.

Gatekeeper – Man-in-the-middle attacks are a constant threat for all point-to-point credentials based authenticators. Intercepted traffic can be used in an impersonation attack thereby granting access to a bad actor. Gatekeeper protocol methodology addresses this potential by use of three networks in a triad configuration. What a concept that only Gatekeeper can deliver.


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