A brief introduction to myself and ProteqsIt

I’m Rick, I’m a bit of a visionary, a technologist at core, a software system architect and engineer with credits, a published author of “Evil Shadows”, and inventor with portfolio. I have a story to tell and the medium to do so.

Over the years I’ve experienced much, from laborer in the farm fields to ironworker on scaffolds a thousand feet or more in the sky to a submariner riding a nuclear boat the same measure below the surface of the sea. I cut my technologist teeth on analog and digital computers, welcomed the arrival of the Intel 4004 and was on a team beta testing initial 8008 silicon. I experienced up close the first desktop computer, the Cogar 4, and marched along with the technology evolution to present day AI and Quantum computing, both of particular interest. Through all of this nothing could or would prepare me for the devastation my family and I were subjected to at the turn of the century.

In February of 2000 without forewarning my identity was stolen by cybercriminals. In an impersonation attack where my credentials were used, the criminals committed despicable federal crimes. With my name attached it took little time for well-intentioned mentally challenged federal agents to trace a route to my doorstep. What followed is detailed in “Evil Shadows” but put briefly, complete financial ruin including loss of family business, intellectual property, home, car and all financial resources. Fortunately, incarceration was avoided and common sense eventually prevailed but the results were none-the-less damaging and devastating. Waking from the nightmare of reality was like starting life as a newborn with the awareness of what came before, the reality of having no financial worth nor source of income and the responsibilities to provide for a family of four.

In every dark cloud there’s a silver lining, the challenge is finding it. In my case, I realized I could fight back against the cybercriminals at the vortex of my destruction. From that life-changing event, I realized I had the power, the knowledge, and the experience to make a real difference and with that, anything security related became a subject of interest. Initially, it was with a vengeance but over time the hard edges softened resulting in a laser-like focus of purpose. The fruits of my efforts thus far, discovering and publishing solutions to some of the security threats that plague our society. I likewise wish to make those with an interest aware of the fruits of my efforts, the purpose of this blog site.


Rick Hallock

Naples, FL 34119

Email: Rick.Hallock@ProteqsIt.COM