AffirmId Installation

Installing AffirmId RC1

Release Candidate 1, available now for test and evaluation, should be installed and configured according to the following procedures.


Download the most recent RC1 version from “https:// ProteqsIt.COM/AffirmId” and an Android phone running Android version 6.0 or newer. Version 10 is preferred.

  • Uninstall the active AffirmId, if any.
  • Click “download” link to begin downloading.
  • After a few seconds the AffirmId-RC ZIP file lands in the /download folder.
  • Select the Downloads folder in Files App.
  • Delete all prior AffirmId installation files.
  • Tap the Zip file and then Extract
  • Tap the AffirmId APK file, Install and the Open
  • After a short pause AffirmId is installed and ready for configuration


The following steps take you through the brief setup and configuring steps.

  • For your protection, AffirmId will only use those resources you authorize. Respond to each of a series of prompts either Allowing or Denying use of the resource. For test and evaluation purpose please allow use of all resources.
  • Acknowledge the brief introduction screen and then create your bioPIN. Use a three or four character sequence of your choice and known only to you.
  • From settings in the upper right corner select About to view version and notices.
  • Use optional settings Registration to register your installation of AffirmId. While not required, there are certain features that can only be used if registered.

After initial installation, a 2-day training period begins during which AffirmId is learning the biometrics of some of your human traits. Following training, these are used to identify you as the person in possession of your phone or to know when someone else has it in their possession.

To assist in the learning process and even if you have no intention of using the AffirmId authenticators, you should, from time to time, access the App and affirm your bioPIN. This allows learning the bioPIN attributes as well as those associated with the general use of the phone.

That’s it. You can return to using the phone as usual. AffirmId though running should have no operational impact and only minimal impact on battery use. Two days from now the About dialog should report trained.

After training, take a moment to reach out tell me of your experience. I’m interested in learning your general observations and am particularly interested in any operation issues or critiques you may want to share.


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