AffirmId Introduction

A brief introduction to AffirmId

Securing remote access to sensitive information is a necessity for every enterprise. Indeed, the same is also true for individuals concerned with security of their personal accounts. Secure access depends in part on establishing a person seeking access is who they claim to be. Seldom is this challenge met. It’s also recognized that username and password alone for this purpose are insufficient.

One popular method to solve the problem is use of one-time passcode Apps. When seeking access, the user provides a username, a password, and a one-time passcode. The one-time code is produced by an App on their phone. This approach ensures the user supplies something they known, the password, and proof of something they have, the one-time passcode. The process works well for anyone who happens to know the password and passcode. In truth it is one step removed from bare password providing no hint as to who the person is that is making the access request.

AffirmId is a new phone App that meets these challenges doing so in a truly unique way. It recognizes the person using the device thereby allowing it to affirm that person’s identity.

AffirmId verifies user identity first before allowing access to one-time passcodes. If the person using the device is recognized then passcode generation is allowed, otherwise it is not.

AffirmId performs identity verification not by use of credentials such as password, PIN, fingerprint, facial image or the like. Rather it recognizes the human traits of the person in possession of the device. These are referred to as “behavioral biometrics” and they are unique for every person on earth. The automated use in AffirmId is likewise unique. Through this technique the person the phone belongs to becomes the only person who can use AffirmId to produce the needed one-time passcodes.

AffirmId minimizes workflow disruption to a single tap as an indication intent to authenticate; all else is automated.

AffirmId offers a passwordless experience where username is the something you know, behavioral biometric identity verification is the something you are, and the phone is the something you have.

AffirmId is configured and offered for enterprise use providing enhanced security and user experience seamlessly to those already using Two-Factor Authentication. For those enterprises not yet using multi-factor authentication, AffirmId offers the option to leapfrog to passworless authentication on day one of multi-factor adoption. And of course, those now using one-time passcodes can upgrade at any time to a passwordless process with no impact to their trusted users. For them it is still AffirmId unchanged.

The processes and methods of AffirmId are patented. The App is now in beta test and available for use on Android phones. Development of the iPhone version is slated to begin in the fall of 2020.

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