Automation Device Support

Automation devices such as door locks, thermostats, smart coffee pots and more are accessed by IlluminaVMS using standard wireless protocols such as ZWave, ZigBee and WiFi. These devices when connected to IlluminaVMS via either of these networks, can both provide inputs to IlluminaVMS (such as current frig and freezer temperatures) and accept outputs from IlluminaVMS (such as lock the door or set the temperature).

illuminavms product

Feature Synopsis

ZWave Support

  • Maximum Connected Devices is 232
  • Compatible with over 1,000 ZWave devices
  • Automatic Device Detection and Setup
  • ZWave Device Configuration Tool

ZigBee Support

  • Maximum Connected Device is 256
  • Compatible with over 1,000 ZigBee devices
  • Automatic Device Detection and Setup
  • ZigBee Device Configuration Tool

WiFi Support

  • Comming Soon

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