Google Eliminates Phishing?

News item reads “Google Eliminated Phishing”, really?

In recent technology news headline “Google Eliminated Phishing by Giving All 85,000 Employees USB Security Keys”(1). That’s a rather bold statement, “eliminated phishing”, suggests Google by some sleight of hand had done, well you know, like the impossible of blocking phishing attacks from hitting any of the 85,000 Google employees. I’ll go off the deep end here and suggest there is only one way to “eliminate phishing” attacks, unplug! Google employees didn’t do that…

Security Systems should be Secure

In my prior “Introductions and Motivations” post I proffered an opinion that a home security system should not put the home owners personal information and data at risk. In other words, the security system itself should not become another security nightmare for the user. And yet in most instances I find that contemporary security systems do exactly that…


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