Security Through Video Surveillance

illuminavms product

Feature Synopsis

IP Camera Support

  • Control up to 36 simultaneous camera feeds
  • Compatible with over 1,500 IP camera models
  • Accepts MJPEG, MPEG4, and H.264 video formats
  • Video Resolutions up to HD 1920 x 1080
  • Frame rates up to 30 FPS
  • Silent (hidden) 24/7 surveillance mode
  • Multi-channel encoders
  • Multi-site IP camera feeds
  • Video analytics and motion detection support
  • ONVIF camera support (legacy non-ONVIF cameras also supported)

Live Viewing Mode

  • Dynamic display resolution up to full screen
  • Aspect ratio correct video display mode
  • Grid display sizes up to 36 tile (6 x 6) mode
  • Instantly switch camera views at the click of a button
  • Uncluttered user interface

Recorded Video Viewing Mode

  • Record video in industry standard MP4 (H.264) format
  • Instant switching between live and recorded video modes
  • Dynamic never overflow storage management
  • Timeline scroll bar indicates video storage status (used, unused, and alarms)
  • Instant access to stored video by the following:
    • Manual entry of date and time
    • Clicking any point within the timeline
    • Clicking alarm image thumbnail
    • Jump forward/backward to next alarm index
  • Exported files compatible with most media players (WMP, VLC, QT, et al.)

Camera Setup Wizard

  • WYSIWYG UI allows instant validation of camera settings
  • Provides a database of settings for over 1,500 camera models
  • Supports both ONVIF and legacy camera setups
  • Accepts manual settings for camera models not in the settings database


Rick Hallock

Naples, FL 34119

Email: Rick.Hallock@ProteqsIt.COM