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In the end the sole purpose of an IlluminaVMS installation is to allow you, the user, to use a Smartphone App to monitor and manage your security system and to receive notification from that system if and when certain events occur. Augmenting this basic requirement is the need to automate certain aspects of the system such as, for example sounding an alarm when it is decided that an unauthorized intrusion is about to occur or has occurred.

To accomplish these goals certain things have to happen. Data inputs from video analytics, intrusion and detection sensors, automation sensors, wellbeing sensors and other sources must be captured. The captured data must be arranged in a database structure that is suitable for processing by an “If This, Then That” like decision tree language which in turn generates events based on the state of the data at an instant in time. These events may trigger other decision tree scripts in a building block fashion, or they may result in changes to sensor device settings (such as adjusting a thermostat setting when the outside temperature reaches a certain point) or ultimately may result in notifications being pushed to the users Smartphone App (for example when the outside camera and motion detector sense the presence of a person approaching the front door in the middle of the night).

illuminavms product

Feature Synopsis

Sensor Event Capture

  • Camera Video Inputs:
    • Stored to local hard disk
    • Contentious or event driven
    • 30 day video retention
    • Motion detection video events
    • Video event with JPEG image
  • Recorded by sensor value
  • Recorded to database in real-time
  • Unlimited named events
  • SQL Database Structures

Sensor Event Processing

  • If This, Then That methodology
  • Logical “And” and “Or” supported
  • Triggor alarm and/or notification
  • Generate input to events database
  • Generate output(s) to sensors

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