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It’s expected that the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology will lead to adoption of the use of IoT by vital sign device manufacturers and for this reason we include support for these devices as they become available. By using them the IlluminaVMS user will have the opportunity to, at minimum, collect, store and monitor vital sign data using devices connected to either the ZWave, ZigBee, WiFi or Bluetooth networks.

illuminavms product

Feature Synopsis

ZWave Support

  • Maximum Connected Devices is 232
  • Compatible with over 1,000 ZWave devices
  • Automatic Device Detection and Setup
  • ZWave Device Configuration Tool

ZigBee Support

  • Maximum Connected Device is 256
  • Compatible with over 1,000 ZigBee devices
  • Automatic Device Detection and Setup
  • ZigBee Device Configuration Tool

WiFi Support

  • Comming Soon

Bluetooth Support

  • Comming Soon

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