AffirmID Auth

A Security First Authenticator App
Ransomware and cyber attackers require endpoint access to ply their trade.

The cybersecurity team’s challenge is to prevent that access.
AffirmID Auth provides the ultimate way of doing so.
AffirmID Multi-Factor-Authentication Appliance | ProteqsIT
Clients using AffirmID Multi Factor Authorization on their phone | ProteqsIT

Nice to meet you

I’m Rick and I’m pleased to introduce AffirmID Auth. The intent of authentication is to “prove an assertion of identity”. However, authenticators no mater cost, form, or brand fall short by only delivering an “assertion of identity”, no matter who has possession at the time. AffirmID Auth is different, it “proves identity” as part of making an “assertion of identity”. It is the only app to do so while providing standards compliant passive and active authenticators.

Endpoints are the Gateway for Ransomware and Cyber Attacks

Endpoint Security is Imperative

Endpoints are points of access to the corporate security zone where all business data are safe. Nothing gets into the security zone without passing through an endpoint, equally true for both on premise networks and cloud platforms. Of course remote user login is an endpoint. So too is Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Desktop connection (RDP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP or SFTP), and Secure Shell access (SSH).

A Ransomware and Security Solution for Organizations Big and Small

Key Benefits

Affirmation of User Identity

Never has an authenticator of any type actually “affirmed” the user’s identity. AffirmID Auth adds this new dynamic to the authentication process thereby enhancing its accuracy and security.

NIST Compliant MFA

AffirmID Auth is unique in its meeting NIST recommendations for multi-factor authenticator by delivering: your phone as something you have; BioPIN as  something you know; and up to ten of your behavioral human traits as something you are.


AffirmID brings order where chaos reigns by supporting both OTP and cryptographic protocols, both FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards, both TOTP and HOTP one-time-passcode formats, and both local and Bluetooth protocols with NFC and Push in the works. So, rather than a phone and pocket full of tokens consider AffirmID Auth, the single solution to multiple needs.

Security First

With Security First as our motto, it makes sense the internals of AffirmID Auth are likewise secure. Internally no data is at rest without encryption. Encryption keys and secrets are stored safely in the Security Element of the phone. No user data, biometric data, or sensor samples are ever stored.

Why AffirmID is Right for Your Organization!


Suitability to Purpose!


Does the authenticator prevent attacks using leveraged credentials? Does it prevent use if lost or stolen? Does it foreclose account takeover? Does it ensure use by only the designated user? AffirmID Auth does so and more.


Assured authentication of a singular person from recognition provided by an AI system considering the biometrics of several human behavioral traits.


A professionally designed app presenting an intuitive non-technical user interface on ubiquitous smartphones well suited for BYOD authentication.

Mature solution

A solution evolved over 5 years of research and development with the objective to bring affirmed personal identification to authentication and other identity-centric applications.

Privacy protection

Personal identification data is discarded immediately following input to an AI process while other private data are securely stored locally.


Provides “strong authentication” as defined by NIST, European Central Bank, and FIDO Alliance.

Biometric Identificaiton

Behavioral biometrics

Sensors of your phone detect the way you do the things you do thereby becoming the biometrics of your behavioral human traits. These are unique and not replicated by any other person.

Local biometric identification

With the aid of artificial intelligence, locally captured behavioral biometrics are used to learn to recognize you.

Identity recognition

Artificial intelligence processing newly acquired behavioral biometrics to project identity of the person in possession. Identity affirmed if it is you.

The BioPIN

BioPIN supplies the “something you know” component of multi-factor-authentication with a major reliance on the biometrics of BioPIN entry.


Ready to Take the Next Steps?

Test and Evaluate

AffirmID installed from Apple or Google app stores proves the efficacy of human traits-based personal identity recognition. It includes up to 3 OTP 2FA authenticators too. Some features are disabled in this no cost disturbing.

Ultimate OTP

AffirmID Auth, the ultimate OTP authenticator experience. Traits-based biometrics identity verification, unlimited 2FA OTP Time-based or Event-based accounts, secure cloud backup and restore and more. Available for $1.99 per month.

Beyond OTP and the Password

Futuristic authentication with unsurpassed security, unlimited OTP accounts, FIDO2 and WebAuthn cryptographic authenticators, hands free continuous authentication, and more. “AffirmID Auth+” available from app stores for just $3.95 per month.

For the Enterprise

Custom configurations of AffirmID Auth are available to enterprise customers. Contact ProteqsIT to discuss specific needs.