About ProteqsIT, AffimID, and its Inventor

The Story Behind ProteqsIT

ProteqsIT LLC is an umbrella business under which cybersecurity products and tools are created and promoted. Formed in 2015, the offerings today include AffirmID, an authenticator app masquerading as a proof-of-concept for TruYouID, the user identity engine enabling phone apps to provide assured security to their user’s no matter the nature or intent of the app. Every app dealing with sensitive services and/or data should use TruYouID. There are no better means to secure your clients and business that with TruYouID. AffirmID in both its Lite and Enterprise forms are available from the Apple and Google stores on request only basis. A GitHub TruYouID Plugin is in the works with availability status updates on request. All Intellectual Property including several patents, copyrights, trademarks, source code, and knowhow are the property of ProteqsIT LLC. Interested parties should contact us for details.
AffirmID and all other apps displaying the “TruYouID” logo and icon (TruYouID icon there) are immune from unauthorized use.
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The Story Behind TruYouID

The core of ProteqsIT products are components invented by the company founder. The components known collectively as “TruYouID” are the realization of now patented processes and methods first envisioned in 2014. The objective met by TruYouID is to identify a person using only the biometrics of their behavioral human traits. How they use their phone, where and when they do so, how they got to where they do it, from the time of first activation to the last each day, all contribute to identifying the original user. Achieving this form of identity verification is no simple matter. Indeed, realization of TruYouID required the power of AI to accomplish the feat. Absent from the TruYouID process are credentials, stored identifying data, and any possibility of impersonation resulting identification data acquired by brute force, theft, harvesting, or misplaced, or when lost, stolen, loaned, or borrowed. TruYouID spells the end of cyber impersonation for every phone app that employs it. A commercially available class library implementation of TruYouID and its AI engines is available.
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The Story Behind AffirmID

During the pandemic of 2020, a TruYouID proof-of-concept app morphed to become a fully operational multi-authenticator app know known as “AffirmID”. AffirmID is now the only app of its type providing absolute security. Accessing any of its multiple authenticators requires recognition of the person seeking access. In this way AffirmID assures only the original user has access thereby setting AffirmID apart from all others. AffirmID is also unique in its support of 2FA OTP authenticators, FIDO2 authenticator, U2F authenticator, and Push authenticators freeing users from having multiple authenticator apps for different account needs. Also available is an API providing opportunity for enhanced enterprise security, control, and tracking.
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About Inventor Rick Hallock

Rick, a disabled US Submarine veteran, is the inventor of TruYouID and creator of AffirmID. He began his career as a fix it guy when reporting on board nuclear submarine USS Robert E. Lee. He fixes things, typically large complex problem prone things. On security system contract gig in 2013 he learned the fallacy of credentials-based identification. Static storage of credentials opens the door to pilfering, theft, and harvesting such as over 3 billion credential baring records harvested from Yahoo. Rick set off to find a fix and in August of 2015 filed the first of 5 related patents disclosing how to do so. The products TruYouID and AffirmID authenticator are a result of that effort. Rick works from home allowing time to spend with family and to indulge in other interests including a second book on cyberidentity theft.
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