AffirmID Demonstration App

A demonstration app for evaluating the AffirmID Identity Service and its ability to deliver trustworthy authentication from a unified solution made up of AffirmIdP cloud platform, AffirmID Auth authenticator, and PushCBA certificate-based authentication push protocol. Download and install the AffirmIDDemo app configuration of your choice.

  • AffirmIDDemo for Android tablet: Available from Google Play Store
    1. On your tablet go to the play store and search for AffirmIDDemo
    2. Install and launch the app.
    3. AffirmIDDemo is ready for use
    4. Read More about its use and more
  • AffirmIDDemo for iOS tablet: (pending Apple approval)
  • AffirmIDDemo for Windows: Tap Windows button to download
    1. Download the installation file
    2. Unzip it to folder
    3. In that folder launch setup.exe
    4. AffirmIDDemo is ready for use
    5. Read More about its use and more


AffirmIdP Developer Information

Developer information for those charged with developing interface access to AffirmIdP platform.
Through a set of REST API interfaces that AffirmIdP provides, authentication services can be offered. There are instructions for implementing PushCBA or FIDO2 authentication. There are scenarios described for both web-centric and non-web authentication. Add, remove, and modify APIs for account user database maintenance are available. Licensed developers can also access a Swager resource.


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