Developer Information

Dev information is divided into an AffirmID API section and a TruYouID section.
AffirmID section describes API’s used to manage and maintain AffirmID installation on trusted party phones. Intended for use by enterprise clients, this facility is disabled on non-enterprise installations and may be disabled by choice on enterprise distributions. Enterprise clients may choose to distribute a private label build of AffirmID to their trusted parties, contractors, and clients.

The TruYouID section details the API used by developers to incorporate the facilities of TruYouID in their mobile phone applications. For example, other authenticator developers could add TruYouID class library and facilities to their App thereby giving it the same behavioral biometrics identity verification as provided in AffirmID.

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Available now from app stores, AffirmID introduces the next generation of Authenticators. Test and evaluate its unique ability to recognize you individually from all others on earth. See how this ability is then applied to secure an app we are all familiar with, the authenticator. Experience a two-factor authenticator that is truly yours, an authenticator that only you can use. AffirmID is like other authenticators such as Google, Sophos, DUO, Microsoft, Authy, LastPass, and others but with none of their security risks. It protects you from malicious apps taking over the authenticator. You are protected from OTP secret harvesting. No longer can others use your authenticator to compromise your accounts and personal information. After taking AffirmID on a test drive, consider how it can be employed to protect your business or enterprise from ransomware and cyberattacks.

As provided for evaluation, AffirmID includes a One-Time-Passcode (OTP) authenticator, operationally compatible with other authenticators that produce OTP codes, such as Google Auth, allowing it to be used as a direct replacement. Unlike any other authenticator, it can be configured instead with a FIDO2 compliant authenticator, a WebAuthn compliant authenticator or a Push variation of either.

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