An Introduction

User security prevails throughout this multifaceted app. “AffirmID”, the unique identifier part of AffirmID Auth, prevents anyone but you from accessing your Authenticators. The security proposition of this is simple, lacking access it is impossible for another to hijack your identity by use of  your authenticators.
Use AffirmID Auth app to authenticate using multi-factor verification when signing into an account. The app supports both One-way, Passive, and Two-way, Active, authenticators, configuration dependent.

  • Passive OTP authenticators work with any account that uses two-factor verification with time-based (TOTP) or event-based (HOTP) one-time password standards.
  • Active FIDO2 and WebAuthn authenticators provide cryptographic authentication for both password-less and two-factor verification.
  • Phone sign-in, also and Active authenticator is a variation of multi-factor verification allowing sign in using only a username and your cell phone with AffirmID.

Improve your personal online hygiene by switching your accounts to multi factor authentication. AffirmID Auth is the perfect choice, it provides standards compliant OTP authentication just like all the rest and does so with a unique quality, only you can use your authenticator. Have you ever considered what would happen if you lost your phone with all your Google Authenticator accounts on it?

While a no cost Passive only AffirmID Auth improves security of one-way OTP authentication, organizations and professionals looking for improved security of network infrastructures and resources should consider AffirmID Auth with its two-way Active authenticators. Doing so ensures only trusted parties have access thereby ending possibility of ransomware or cyber attacks originating through an endpoint using a leveraged authenticator.