Biometric Identifier

Human Traits and their Uniqueness

Recognizing and affirming a person is who they claim to be is hard, extremely hard. Prevailing methods of identity verification rely solely on an object the unknown person provides as proof of identity. It’s called a credential, it is easy to use and as we have learned, easy to use illicitly.  AffirmID is different, it recognizes the person by their human traits, human traits unique to each of us thus setting each of us apart from all others on earth. This type of identity verification is difficult to achieve, we know as we have, and from a practical point of view, impossible to defeat.
The biometrics of ten (10) different human traits go into recognizing you are you. Recognition occurs in real-time as you go about doing what you do. Recognition of nine of these occurs automatically requiring no intervention from you other than to use of your phone as you normally would. BioPIN is the exception requiring your participation in the identity recognition process.

Biometric PIN (BioPIN)

The BioPIN should not be confused with the everyday PIN. It can range in size from 3 characters to 16. It’s comprised of a mix of both digits and characters. It is entered much like the ATM, by use of a key tile pad. Any similarities between BioPIN and PIN end there.
Capture of input biometrics occurs from tile tap events on the phone screen. They include the tile coordinate, device orientation when tapped, device shake factor when tapped, and a time delta relative to the prior tap. Not including time and shake factor, each tile has over 46 thousand different possible combinations of which only 1 is a match.
Selecting a BioPIN:

  • Choose a BioPIN the same way you would a normal PIN.
  • Ensure it is an easy to remember non-obvious string.
  • Use any mix of characters from 3 to 16 in length.
  • Consider using double taps.
  • The OK, Reset, and # keys can not be used as part of BioPIN.

A double tap is exactly that, a BioPIN character tapped twice. For example, double tapping the second character of a 3-characcter BioPIN simply adds a unique timing dimension making it exceedingly difficult to discover your BioPIN by any brute force method.

For security reasons the maximum number of successive false BioPIN entries is 3. Keypad lockout occurs on reaching this. Use the lockout reset code or contact your help desk for aid. To apply the reset tap the “#” followed by “Reset”.
You may be wondering what the small indicators mean.

  • The indicator centered under “Reset” turns green when the keypad is available, red when not. Initially it turns green when its likely a human is holding the phone. In time it does so when its likely you are that person.
  • The lower right machine learning indicator is Yellow while learning to recognize your human traits and turns Green once satisfied it has sufficient knowledge to recognize you. This process can take 2 or more days before turning green dependent on your frequency of use. While Yellow you should not allow others to use your phone. Once Green you can do so.

A note about machine learning. It is a key part of AI standing for acquisition of knowledge of a subject, in other words learning. For AffirmID, machine learning is never ending. AffirmID begins with no knowledge of you or how you do what you do. The first learning period focuses on creating a core knowledge base to build upon. Phone use by another during this critical period hampers the process.