ProteqsIT LLC AffirmID App Privacy Notice


AffirmID Auth, a ProteqsIT cell phone app for two-step and cryptographic identity verification. In one instance AffirmID Auth generate one-time passwords on your cell phone. In others AffirmID Auth exchanges secure messages with a Relying Party for the purpose of verifying your identity. In yet another instance AffirmID Auth can push cryptographic identity verification in response to a relying party notification request. AffirmID Auth can be used as an alternative to programs such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, DUO Authentication, YubiKeys, and several other forms of authentication devices and apps. Each application of AffirmID involves affirmation of your identity and its this end that we collect personal identification information as outlined below.
Below is a summary of our practices when it comes to your personal information collected when you download and use the AffirmID cell phone app.

For purposes of this notice, the words “our”, “us”, “we”, “AffirmID”, “AffirmID Auth”, “AffirmID Auth+”, and “ProteqsIT” refer to ProteqsIT LLC and our affiliates (including our parent, our subsidiaries, or out employees).

Before you submit any information on or through AffirmID, please carefully review this notice.

What personal information we collect and why

Logs and Support Tickets:

As a feature to assist you when using AffirmID we provide remote access to our product support ticket system. Within the framework of this system, we collect runtime logs that may contain personal identifying information and data and we ask you provide similar data. This data are collected for support purposes only and are promptly discarded once the ticket has been closed. Initiating and submitting a ticket is an indication of your understanding of this data use.

Backup and Restore Service:

AffirmID’s data backup and restoration service involves storing your AffirmID data on a secure cloud server provided by ProteqsIT LLC. This data necessarily includes personal identifying data. That data are encrypted when prepared for transmission to the cloud and remain encrypted at all times while at rest in the cloud. Your use of this service is with your implied knowledge, understanding, and approval.


Device Information. When you download and open the AffirmID mobile app, we automatically collect information about the type of device, its identifier, IP address, and types of device sensors available for use. We collect this to ensure the version of AffirmID is right for your device and so that we can provide appropriate follow up support as necessary.

Phone Number and Email Address. Once you open the AffirmID app, we ask you to register its installation providing us with the device phone number and your email address used to create your AffirmID account. This optional registration is only needed in the event you expect support, secure backup and restore, and the use of Push authentication.

We collect your email address as another piece of information to validate who you are if you need to recover your account or your account has been compromised, and also to communicate notices about your account to you like suspicious logins or other activity that could be related to a compromise of your AffirmID account.

Changing Contact Information. If you need to change your phone number or email address associated with your account instructions to do so are found in the FAQS page. Note, this is a secure process ensuring you and you and confirming the change once made.

Internet or other electronic network activity information:

Login History and Authy Account History. Information pertaining to your log in and authentication history is not recorded other than logging errors if there should be any.

Geo, Network, and RF location information:

We collect Geo, Network, and RF near device location as part of an identification process to recognize you. This data is input to an AI process after which the data are discarded and not otherwise harvested in raw for usable for ascertaining your device location.

Sensor, screen, and screen lock information:

We collect sensory input data from a number of different sensors within your phone, the data collected being discarded at once following input to an AI process and not otherwise harvested in raw.

What we use your personal information for

We use your phone number as an identifier for your AffirmID account. We may also use your phone number to send you authentication requests for approval. We also use logs of any changes to your phone number to monitor for suspicious or unusual activity and as another piece of information that could be used, if necessary, to verify your identity if your account is or may be compromised.

We use your email address, and any history of email addresses associated with your AffirmID account, as another piece of information that could be used, if necessary, to verify your identity if your account is or may be compromised. We also use your email address to communicate notices to you about your account, such as suspicious logins or other activity that could indicate a compromise of your account. In addition, we may use your email address to send you information about AffirmID and other ProteqsIT products, services, or events that you might be interested in. Any such notices will relate only to the version of AffirmID you have.

Who we may share your personal information with

ProteqsIT does not sell your personal information nor do we share it with third parties without your prior indication of permission for their own marketing purposes. , nor do we allow third parties to use it for their own marketing purposes, unless you ask us to do this. 

Transfers out of the European Economic Area and Switzerland

Your personal information may be transferred to the United States. ProteqsIT employs appropriate safeguards for cross-border transfers of personal information, as required by applicable local law.

How we secure your personal information

Your data no matter its type is never at rest within AffirmID in an unencrypted state. This holds true also for all keys, secrets, certificates, and other critical data produced or input on your behalf. Encryption keys are stored in the Security Element of your phone.  Please note though that no service is completely secure. So, while we strive to protect your personal information entrusted to AffirmID, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss or a data breach will never occur.

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