What if?

What if I need more OTP accounts?

Upgraded to “AffirmID Auth+” and get these benefits:

  • Unlimited OTP accounts.
  • Access to AffirmID Support Ticket system for reporting issues and requesting new features.
  • Beacon support enabling mobile hands-free authenticator use.
  • Secure cloud backup and restore.
  • 3-factor MFA security.
  • No risk of biometric loss.
  • No USB port required.

AffirmID Auth+, available from Google Play and Apple Store, subscription $(TBD) US per month, volume discounts quoted on request.

What if I need FIDO or WebAuthn?

AffirmID Auth++ delivers the ultimate authenticator experience with features and benefits:

  • All facilities of AffirmID Auth+.
  • FIDO2 remote via Bluetooth and local authenticator.
  • WebAuthn remote via Bluetooth and local authenticator.
  • Crypto Push authenticator (only available to business users).

AffirmID Auth++, available from Google Play and Apple Store, subscription $(TBD) US per month, volume discounts quoted on request.

What if I'm installing a new version of AffirmID?

There are two reasons why you may want an updated AffirmID, an in version update has occurred adding features or facilities of interest or you are purchasing an upgrade to add new features or facilities. Either way, the steps needed are the same:

  1. Backup your current installation of AffirmID.
  2. Unless instructed to do otherwise download and install the app store version of interest.
  3. Launch the new version.
  4. It should continue seamlessly operation of your prior authenticators but in the event it does not, simply restore your recent backup.

What if I’m upgrading to a new phone?

Congratulations on the new phone. Transition of AffirmID and accounts is smooth and secure. Should there be any corporate accounts it might be best to contact the Help disk for possible special instructions. Otherwise go ahead as follows:

  1. On your old phone, create a new backup.
  2. On the new, download the correct AffirmID Auth type and install it as per normal while ensuring to use the same BioPIN as on the old phone.
  3. On the new phone, restore the most recent backup and confirm operational status of the app and its authenticators.
  4. On the old phone, tap and hold the AffirmID icon. Select to uninstall and remove the app.
  5. On the new phone make a point to do a backup within a few days of first use to capture all updated settings.

What if my phone is lost, borrowed or stolen?

You are safe! AffirmID’s unique personal identity feature prevents anyone else from using your authenticators. If not using AffirmID you should at once contact authorities to disable those authenticators and accounts to prevent fraudulent use. Ugh, what a nightmare.

If you have not backed up your AffirmID accounts, you will need to reinstall AffirmID, and setup all accounts once again. When finished it is advisable to do a first account backup. Otherwise, simply restore the most recent backup.

A final note, though your accounts are safe and secure it may be appropriate to contact critical accounts to keep them up to date on your authenticator status. Some may wish to renew the account anyway. And always submit a Help desk or security team incident report.

What if BioPIN Keypad is locked?

For reasons now unimportant you find the BioPIN keypad locked out leaving you with no access to your authenticators nor the accounts they support. Not a problem!

If no keypad reset code was provided during installation then contact your Help desk or Security team for keypad reset instructions. Otherwise, follow these steps to apply the reset code supplied to do so:

  1. With reset code at the ready, tap hashtag, #;
  2. Enter the reset code; and then
  3. Tap Reset.

The keypad should now be unlocked and the “Remaining attempts: 3” displayed.

Warning: For security reasons the maximum number of failed attempts to reset is 3. Once that point is reached AffirmID is permanently locked out.

What if I forgot my BioPIN?